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Hunter's Story

​Heading into his freshman year of high school, Hunter faced tragedy with the loss of his mother to cancer. Realizing just how short life is, Hunter was inspired to live with purpose and make an impact.

As a 12-year-old, Hunter created the Twitter account @AthleteNation where he shared inspirational and uplifting messages. Today, Athlete Nation is a Lincoln, Nebraska-based marketing agency helping big brands tell stories with athletes.

As a recognized speaker and entrepreneur in his early 20s, Hunter shares his story of overcoming adversity to empower others to live their lives for something greater than themselves.

Speaking Topics

Hunter speaks across the Midwest to a wide range of audiences; including students, athletes, educators, community leaders, marketers, and business professionals.​


After losing his mother to cancer, Hunter is passionate about living his life for something bigger than himself — and encourages others to use their voices to make the world a better place.


From founding & operating two businesses and working with some of the largest brands in the Midwest, Hunter shares a unique perspective on entrepreneurship and the importance of relationships.

Social Media & Marketing

Hunter speaks on modern-day marketing with his experience building a social media brand of 90,000 followers, creating online movements as a teenager, and now leading marketing campaigns for big brands.


Past Speaking Events

"Hunter's message resonates with anyone who may have a desire to have a positive influence. Plain and simple... Hunter gets it."

Ryan Ricenbaw,
learning network specialist, Nebraska department of education

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Interested in working with Hunter or booking him for an event? Drop him a line.

Phone: 402-937-4408
Email: Hunter@AthleteNation.org
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